Here’s What the Hurontario LRT Stop Names Could Be

Published February 1, 2018 at 1:42 am


It’s true that we will soon see a Light-Rail Transit (LRT) system in Mississauga, and slowly but surely, details are being revealed on what that system will look like here. Now, we have a sneak peek at what some of the LRT stop names could be.

Metrolinx is currently collecting feedback on eight possible LRT stop names for the 20-kilometre, 22-stop service from Port Credit GO to Brampton Gateway Terminal.

Here’s a look at what those eight major stops could be called, complete with explanations of each proposed name courtesy of Metrolinx.

1) Brampton Gateway

“The bus terminal at which the stop is located is called Brampton Gateway. The LRT stop name is deliberately being coordinated to this point of transit connection.”

2) 407 & Hurontario

“Highway 407 extends across GTA. The name change is meant to specify the Hurontario Street intersection with the highway to avoid confusion.”

3) Eglinton & Hurontario

“Eglinton is a TTC subway stop. The name change is meant to specify the Hurontario Street intersection with the cross street to avoid confusion.”

4) Mississauga City Centre

“This stop connects with the GO Transit / MiWay bus terminal called Mississauga City Centre Transit Terminal. The change from Rathburn to Mississauga City Centre is designed to make it easier to find this transit hub.”

5) Celebration Square

“Celebration Square is a popular destination for festivals, movie nights and other events throughout the summer as well as skating during the winter. The name change makes it easier for those travelling to find this prominent venue.”

6) The Exchange

“The Main Street District has been officially renamed The Exchange by the City of Mississauga, and is designated to become a future hub for Mississauga’s Downtown with restaurants, cafes, patios and small scale retail with office and residential units above.”

7) Fairview

“Central Parkway is a station on the Mississauga Transitway. As Fairview Road is a street that crosses Hurontario Street just south of Central Parkway, the name change is meant to promote wayfinding without causing confusion.”  

8) Dundas & Hurontario

“Dundas is the name of a TTC subway station. By changing the name to Dundas & Hurontario, more precise wayfinding is achieved and confusion lessened.”

Metrolinx has a few criteria for naming each stop. Each name is expected to be simple, logical, durable, self-locating, and unique.

Ideally, the LRT—one of the most monumental infrastructure projects Peel has seen in recent years—will provide commuters with a travel option that will cut travel times and help manage congestion across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

The Hurontario LRT project is part of the largest infrastructure investment in Ontario’s history and the province is providing $1.4 billion to build it in Mississauga and southern Brampton (Brampton famously turned down additional funding to carry the route further down Main Street into the city’s downtown core).

The LRT project includes three stops in downtown Mississauga and also boasts connections Mississauga MiWay, Brampton Transit, Brampton Zum, the Mississauga Transitway and a maintenance and storage facility for the light rail vehicles at Highway 407.

As for the stop names, residents are being asked for feedback on a scale of how much they like each name, and why they feel that way.

To provide your feedback on stop names, click here. Feedback is being accepted until February 12, 2018!

The LRT could be completed and useable by 2022.

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