Here’s what features Canadians are looking for in a home


What features are you looking for in a home?

A recent survey from Zolo--one of Canada’s most popular national real estate marketplaces--found that homebuyers are prioritizing features related to saving money and dedicated living spaces.

According to the findings, 73 per cent of respondents said they wanted a detached house, 70 per cent said they wanted one with a garage, 68 per cent said they wanted one with an en-suite washroom, 49 per cent said they wanted two bathrooms, and 40 per cent said they wanted a home with three bedrooms.

However, when it came to features based on gender, things were slightly different--the top priority for women, 73 per cent, was a newer furnace and central air conditioning unit, while the top priority for men, 71 per cent, was a private outdoor living space.

The second-most sought-after feature for women was a patio or deck, 65 per cent; followed by an updated kitchen, 64 per cent; followed by walk-in closets, 60 per cent.

For men, the second-most sought-after feature was an updated kitchen, 67 per cent; followed by energy-saving appliances, 60 per cent; followed by hardwood floors, 57 per cent.

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