Here’s What Brampton Is Doing To Fight Climate Change

Published March 2, 2019 at 10:54 pm


It’s an issue to a majority of Canadians, and the world at that, to be taken very seriously.

It’s an issue to a majority of Canadians, and the world at that, to be taken very seriously.

To mitigate the effects of the very important issue, much of which takes place at local levels, one Member of Parliament is hoping to invest in ways that will lessen the impact of climate change.

Ruby Sahota, Member of Parliament for the riding of Brampton North, has unveiled several ways in which the city is contributing to combat matters of climate change.

First, improving stormwater quality to rehabilitate Loafer’s Lake, located in Etobicoke Creek Trail im Brampton, is reflective of those initiatives to fight climate change.

Replacing the area water supply system at the Heart Lake Conservation Area is another one of those projects.

Finally, the stormwater pond at Mayfield Road and Kennedy Road will be rehabilitated, in efforts to reduce stormwater flooding.

Sahota asserts that these investments are reflective of the ways Canadians in general will have access to high-quality drinking water and protected waterways.

The Brampton-based MP also reveals ways the government has fully engaged the threat of climate change with practical-based planning, to simultaneously mitigate climate change while growing the national economy.

These are just some of the 470 projects that the MP indicates are ongoing that the government is invested in to help better protect people, homes, and businesses from the hampering effect of climate change.

What do you think of these initiatives, and do you believe there is more to be done to fight climate change, Brampton?

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