Here’s What Brampton City Council Is Investing Over $1.5 Million Towards

Published September 20, 2019 at 2:34 pm

Brampton City Council is spending a budget of $1.8 millions towards investment missions.

Brampton City Council is spending a budget of $1.8 millions towards investment missions.

Earlier this year, Council approved a budget of $1.875 million to implement Brampton’s Foreign Direct Investment strategy (FDI) and work plan. The FDI strategy will deliver on the goals of the Economic Development Master Plan (EDMP) and 2040 Vision

What are Brampton’s 2019 FDI missions?

FDI is when the council attends conferences around the world to attract new investment and jobs, fill gaps in the supply chain, diversify the tax base, and promote economic growth. 

The program also aims to raise the city’s global profile as a competitive place in which to do business, and initiate lead generation activities aimed at attracting FDI to the city.

“In order to accommodate expected population growth and develop the economic base to support it, it’s critical for Brampton to strengthen its profile within the global marketplace. A strong global presence will help us attract business, foreign direct investment and jobs,” says Regional Councillor and Economic Development Chair Gurpreet S. Dhillon.

Mayor Patrick Brown and Brampton councillors are launching Brampton’s 2019 FDI missions this week. 

“I’m excited to kick off our FDI missions and meet with key business leaders from around the world. FDI is an investment in the city’s future. We want the top industries to know that when they choose Brampton to develop, expand and invest in, they will be met with highly skilled talent, competitive advantages and access to the global market place,” says Mayor Patrick Brown.

Next week, Brown, elected officials, and economic development staff will attend the MedTech Conference happening in Boston from September 22 to 25.

Medtech Canada is Canada’s industry association for the medical technology industry, which is contributing to enabling the digitization of health care, providing more connected care and providing opportunities for more patient-centred care in community settings.

Other missions planned for this year include the Anuga Food Fair in Cologne, Germany and the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. 

The city will focus FDI efforts in multiple sectors including Health and Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing (including Food and Beverage Manufacturing), and Innovation and Technology. 

“Developing relationships with potential investors is critical to successfully securing FDI opportunities. These missions are essential to making introductions and furthering our relationships with key global business leaders,” says Director of Economic Development and Culture Clare Barnett.

What do you think about this new budget towards investment missions?  

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