Here’s what–and what not–to do if you see wildlife on your property in Mississauga


Published May 10, 2021 at 8:40 pm


An annual springtime headache for many Mississauga homeowners is wildlife making homes in places like attics, chimneys or under decks and porches.

To deal with the problem, the Mississauga Animal Services has provided some tips and reminders to residents dealing with an unwelcome guest or two.

It is often better to deal with a wildlife removal company that trying to do it yourself, which can be both illegal and harmful to the animals. Ontario’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act does not allow anyone to relocate animals more than one kilometre. And you run the risk of separating mothers from their young.

Here are some tips when choosing a wildlife removal company that can protect both you and the animals:

  • Insist on humane techniques such as reuniting wildlife families;
  • Ask for an inspection and written estimate;
  • Look out for unethical fees and practices;
  • Get specifics on how the issue and animals will be handled.

The Region of Peel also has a Residential Rat Control Subsidy program for homeowners with rat issues.

In order to dissuade wildlife from nesting in your home, you should never feed them; remove food attractants such as garbage, bird-seed, fallen fruit, pet waste or leftover barbecue residue; ensure your home is in good repair and cap chimneys and install vent screens; and place screens under sheds, porches and decks to prevent animals from burrowing.

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