Here’s How You Can Take Back Your Time on MiWay

Published June 1, 2018 at 8:28 pm


Imagine: you’ve finally found the time to catch up on your favourite shows, read that book you’ve been meaning to crack open, cram in some extra studying, daydream about your upcoming vacation, or send those e-mails you meant to send days ago.

It’s possible!

Whether it takes you 20 minutes or an hour to commute, all of the time you spend driving to work or school is lost time sitting behind a wheel. 

But you can take back your time on MiWay.

“We are a viable alternative to commuting,” said Erin Beaudoin, Marketing Consultant, MiWay. 

“With vast service across the city and connections to GO, TTC and Brampton we can get you where you need to go, without the hassle of sitting behind the wheel.”

It’s true that MiWay boasts connections to a range of transit systems, so no matter where you work, study, or play, MiWay can get you there. MiWay connects commuters across Mississauga, to Toronto, Oakville, Brampton, and everywhere beyond and in between.

Thanks to MiWay, you can get where you need to go quickly, efficiently, and stress-free.

The MiWay Five Transit Service Plan is changing transit in Mississauga,” said Beaudoin.

“We are moving to a grid network to provide more frequency along key corridors and continue to invest in new services. We are also investing in our infrastructure with new buses in our fleet to give you a more comfortable ride.”

MiWay’s five-year service plan from 2016-2020 is full of new and exciting changes to the MiWay system.

In fact, something new and blue just joined MiWay’s impressive network of routes.

“This year we’ve introduced a new MiExpress Route 104 – Derry Express and will be adding a new route on the Mississauga Transitway later this year that travels from Winston Churchill to Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson International Airport,” said Beaudoin.

With these service frequency and connectivity enhancements, leaving the car behind and taking MiWay instead has never been easier.

“Improved service, our ongoing commitment to customer service and safety, along with new buses gives commuters a more enjoyable commute,” said Beaudoin.

You really can enjoy your commute with MiWay, as it allows you to sit back and catch up on your life, taking back valuable time you might otherwise spend behind a wheel.

“Whether a car commuter makes the move to one day a week, or five, we are a service that can easily fit into your daily commute and allow commuters the ability to take back their time,” said Beaudoin.

So if you’ve been trying to find the time to destress, read a book, text your friends back, dream, or even finish up some extra work, taking MiWay just might be the answer you’re looking for. 

How would you spend your new found time on MiWay? Be sure to share your thoughts on social media using #FoundMiTime!

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