Here's How Much Region of Peel Councillors Spent Last Year


A recent report detailing the total amount of money spent by the Peel Regional Council last year was recently released. 

The province of Ontario required all elected regional officials to release their salary and benefits by March 31 in accordance with section 284 of the Municipal Act, 2001. The report for the Peel Region was presented on March 28, at a meeting for the regional council.

The biggest spender for 2018 was Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie. She spent $49,831.24 in for the year in total.

The following are the councillors who had expenses through the 2018 year:

Mississauga councillors spent:

Bonnie Crombie - $49,831.24

Ron Starr - $14,770.01

John Kovacs - $11,959.20

Carolyn Parrish - $11,399.14

Sue McFadden - $10,084.02

Pat Saito - $8,466.62

Chris Fonseca - $6,283.04

Karen Ras - $2,852.56

Matt Mahoney - $2,517.55

Caledon councilors spent:

Caledon Mayor Allan Thompson - $8,949.17

Jennifer Innis - $424.02.

Johanna Downey - $5,988.56

Annette Groves - $4,865.73

Brampton councilors spent:

Martin Medeiros - $11,957.23

Michael Palleschi - $11,502.04

In 2014, the Regional Council approved an annual increase in the four-year term allowance for reimbursement of business expenses based on the Consumer Price Index of the previous year.

This means since the 2018 expenses showed a roughly 2% increase, the annual term allowance will increase for every Member of the council from $22,805 to $23,260.

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