Here’s a Look at All the Movies and TV Shows That Were Recently Shot in Mississauga


When we say that Mississauga is an important part of Hollywood North, we're not giving ourselves too much credit—the city has attracted a wealth of star-studded productions over the years.

In the past year alone, we've seen Mississauga appear in several popular Netflix shows—think Black Mirror and The Umbrella Academy—and we've even been lucky enough to spot some very iconic Handmaids near city hall.

While Mississauga is rumoured to be the second most popular film site in Ontario (or perhaps even Canada), the city says that's impossible to confirm with hard numbers.

"We cannot confirm our position in the popularity of location filming in Ontario as not all jurisdictions report the statistics in the same manner," Liza Toliao, coordinator, film and television, with the City of Mississauga, told in an email. 

"Having said that we did have a banner year last year and all indications are that we are heading in the same direction this year."

While the city can't tell us what A-list productions might be heading here for confidentiality reasons, it can tell us which movies and TV shows have shot some scenes in the city.

Here’s a sample of what’s been shot in Mississauga over the last few years:

TV Series:

The Handmaid’s Tale

A dystopian drama based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood, the series is set in the totalitarian society of Gilead—a country that treats women as property. The show stars Elisabeth Moss and Joseph Fiennes.

Designated Survivor

The show, which stars Kiefer Sutherland, centres around a low-level cabinet member who becomes president of the United States after an attack kills everyone above him in the line of succession.


This drama series follows a former high-flying solicitor who is exposed to mysterious deaths when she becomes a coroner in her hometown. The show stars Claire Goose.

Wayne (YouTube)

A YouTube comedy series, Wayne chronicles the life of a teenage boy who sets out to retrieve his late father’s stolen car with the help of a girl he has a crush on.

Private Eyes

Starring Jason Priestley, Private Eyes follows a former professional hockey player who partners with a private eye to solve crimes around Toronto.

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

The show explores the adventures of estranged siblings with extraordinary powers who uncover shocking family secrets and other dire dangers to the world at large in the wake of their father's death

Titans (Netflix)

A show about a team of young superheroes led by Nightwing (formerly Batman’s first Robin) who come together to combat evil and other perils.

Schitt’s Creek

Starring Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara, Schitt's Creek explores the lives of a once-rich family who suddenly find themselves broke in a very small town.


Shadowhunters showcases the adventures of an anti-terrorism special forces team.

Mary Kills People

A show about a single mother and ER doctor who, along with a surgeon, moonlights as an "angel of death" who helps terminally ill patients die on their own terms. The show stars Caroline Dhavernas and Jay Ryan

12 Monkeys

Not to be confused with the 1995 Bruce Willis movie, the series revolves around a time traveler from the post-apocalyptic future who is on a mission to eradicate a deadly plague that will nearly destroy the human race.

The Detail

A show that follows three female homicide detectives who solve crimes and struggle with their personal lives.

Odd Squad

A kids' show that follows two young agents who save the day using math.

Black Mirror (Netflix)

A popular Netflix show that explores the darker side of technology and the hold it has on us.

Workin Moms

Starring Catherine Reitman and Dani Kind, Workin' Moms explores life, work, child-rearing, love, loss, relationships, friendships and more in Toronto.  


Polar (Netflix)

A film that explores the life of the world’s top assassin and his inability to leave the game for good. It stars Mads Mikkelsen and Vanessa Hudgens.

The Lie

Starring Peter Sarsgaard and Joey King, The Lie revolves around a father and daughter who make a terrifying discovery with disastrous consequences.

A Simple Favour

A big Hollywood film that stars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, A Simple Favour revolves around two very different women who strike up a friendship before one of them mysteriously disappears.

Fahrenheit 451

An adaptation of the Ray Bradbury novel about the dastardly consequences of book-burning, the movie revolves around a firefighter (Michael B. Jordan) who begins to question his job after meeting an interesting woman.

Every Day

A teen-friendly tale of a shy teenage girl who falls for someone who transforms into another person every day.


A film about an astronomer who bonds with a curious artist to make a profound scientific discovery.

The Shape of Water

The Academy Award-winning Guillermo Del Toro film about a deaf woman who falls in love with a strange creature who is much more human than many of his inhumane captors.

A Family Man

Starring Gerard Butler, Alison Brie and Willem Dafoe, A Family Man chronicles the life of headhunter who can't help but bring his work home with him.


Starring Matt Damon and Christoph Waltz, Downsizing is a social satire that involves a man shrinking himself to five inches tall in order to leave a better and more prosperous life. 

Special Correspondents (Netflix)

Starring Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana, Special Correspondents follows two journalists who get in over their heads when they fake a kidnapping to conceal the fact that they didn't make it to Ecuador for a coveted assignment.


A woman who was abducted in her teens struggles to free herself and her young son from their dangerous captor. The film stars Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay.

Have you seen any of these films or TV shows being shot in Mississauga?

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