Here Is How Some People Can Play For Free At A Mississauga Golf Course


Summer is almost here, and that means people can start playing outdoors again!

A popular summer activity for some is heading to the golf course, and if you’re a Mississauga resident who enjoys a good game every once and awhile then we have some exciting news.

For the month of May, juniors can play free at Mississauga’s BraeBen 9 Hole Course.

Anyone under 17 can play for free but they must be accompanied by a playing adult or senior. This offer is valid until May 31 and only applicable at the BraeBen 9-hole golf course. 

The golf course is located on 5700 Terry Fox Way, at the intersection of Terry Fox Way and Matheson Boulevard West.

Set amongst dramatic landforms, the course offers windswept highlands-style terrain featuring tall grasses, pristine fairways, greens and tees with challenging bunkers, to give the feeling that you’re really golfing in Scotland.

The BraeBen 9 Hole Golf Course borders the south end of the Championship Course and offers a variety of options for all ages and skill levels.

People can spend their time playing a round of 9 holes, learning great golf techniques, or adding a unique twist to the game with FootGolf & FlingGolf.

The 9 Hole Course is set at Par 3 and features holes measuring between 100-200 yards, offering a variety of shot-making tests and challenges.

Braeben offers private or semi-private lessons. They also have clinics, camps and programs to help families improve and continue to enjoy the game of golf.

Originally named Britannia Golf Course, the course was built at a prior landfill, but then was transformed into the 27-hole course that we all know now. The area was capped by a thick layer of clay, topsoil and gases.

In the centre of Mississauga’s Heartland community, BraeBen Golf Course is no longer an eyesore for the city but is now a great summer activity that provides stunning views from the highest land viewpoint in the area.

Click here to book your tee time this month and for more info on BraeBen.

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