Here are the Top 10 Best Jobs in the GTA for 2018


Are you looking for a new position to cap off the year (or maybe planning on looking for a new career in 2019)?

If so, you might be intrigued to find out that Indeed, a well-known Canadian job site, recently released the best jobs in Toronto (and the list can apply to anyone in the GTA) for 2018.

Indeed says eight of the top 10 jobs included are tech-related, with senior back end developer, development operations engineer, data scientist and full stack developer making up four of the top five best jobs.

Looking for a high salary?

The most lucrative jobs include development operations engineer ($98,899), optometrist ($97,826) and senior back end developer ($96,346).

Indeed says it developed the list based on number of job postings, salary and growth over the past three years.

Here's a look at the top-rated positions, courtesy of Indeed:

“There's no doubt Toronto's tech scene is scorching hot and the demand for tech talent is skyrocketing,” said Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada. “Our data uncovers that, in Toronto, the best jobs right now are tech-related as companies look to transform into digital versions of themselves and new start-ups hit the scene."

Kasten also said that workers in these fields are in high demand.

"It's also worth noting that while Toronto is Canada's central hub for tech innovation, the demand for workers with highly technical abilities is increasing far faster than supply. The result is rapid growth in open, unfilled jobs and increased competition for talent."

Will you be looking for a new (and tech-related) job soon?

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