Here are the risks that come with moving to rural areas in Ontario


Published July 2, 2024 at 12:12 pm

Here are the risks of moving to rural areas in Ontario

Whether in Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton or Toronto, the call to escape the city and start a life in the countryside is a thought many residents in the province have likely had once or twice.

However, even though rural areas offer less in the way of hustle and bustle, there are unseen risks that come with the territory. Luckily, a recent report from real estate experts at Zoocasa has broken down what residents in Ontario can anticipate when moving outside city limits.

Moving to the countryside is likely an option for individuals who work from home, as no commitments are required to head to an office in an urban area. However, according to Zoocasa’s report, rural regions have substantially more hiccups surrounding wi-fi connections. As a result, country homes may likely experience digital turbulence when looking for a steady internet provider. 

Beyond online applications, there is also the day-to-day household operations, as data provided by Zoocasa indicates that civil services may also be curtailed compared to city locations. Specifically, in this case, garbage disposal, as large items may receive an extra charge from disposal services, and access to areas such as dumps is limited.

Additional concerns include water and plumbing conditions, as rural areas have more potential contaminants than the city and less infrastructure to support new plumbing systems. 

Another key reason Ontarians may want to start a new life in the country is the cost of living in cities.

However, it is important to consider how the country differs regarding the cost associated with goods and services, as information provided by Zoocasa indicates that utilities, groceries and costs surrounding household upkeep are higher in rural areas than in the city.

So before Ontario-based residents consider life on the homestead, it is crucial to calculate how much that will cost before packing any bags. 

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