Here are the newest Mississauga photo radar locations

Published September 23, 2022 at 4:34 pm


It’s not a secret where Mississauga places it photo radar cameras.

In fact, the City wants drivers to know so that they will slow down and stop speeding through neighbourhoods.

However, those who do speed and are caught on camera will face a fine based on how fast they are travelling.

Officially known as automated speed enforcement (ASE), the device uses a camera and speed measurement equipment to enforce the speed limit. When a vehicle is detected travelling above the posted speed limit, a ticket is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.

There is photo radar at several locations throughout the city, here are the newest ones that are now operating as of Sept. 1.

Here are the newest ASE locations:

  • Bromsgrove Rd., between Cramer St. and Tredmore Dr.
  • Churchill Meadows Blvd., between Pearlstone Dr. and Thomas St.
  • Clarkson Rd. N., between Birchwood Dr. and Balsam Ave.
  • Dream Crest Rd., between Fallingbrook Dr. and Warwickshire Way
  • Front St. N., between Mississauga Rd. and Lakeshore Rd.
  • Historic Trail, between Pepperidge Crossing and Lamplight Way
  • Millcreek Dr., between Tamar Rd. and Derry Rd. W.
  • Morning Star Dr., between Goreway Dr. and Darcel Ave.
  • Netherwood Rd., between Clara Dr. and Morning Star Dr.
  • Tedwyn Dr., between Pear Tree Rd. and Felina Crt.






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