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Published December 19, 2023 at 11:51 am

top vehicles canada 2023
Photo: Matt Weissinger

A list of the most popular vehicles in Canada in 2023 has been released.

The list from AutoTrader, an online vehicle marketplace, looks at vehicle shopper preferences in 2023.

This year saw economic turbulence and higher-than-ever vehicle prices but marketplace search data suggests vehicle buyers still hold an optimistic outlook, AutoTrader says in a press release.

People are dreaming of luxury cars — many of the top searched vehicles in 2023 were luxury sedans and sports cars.

The Porsche 911 took the number two spot nationally, up from six last year, moving the Honda Civic down one spot to three. Other luxury vehicles searched for include the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes Benz E-Class.

Topping the list was the Ford F-150, its ninth year as Canada’s most sought-after vehicle and the Dodge Ram 1500 climbed its way back into the Top 10 – the second truck to break through since 2019.

The Ford F-150 is also the top-sold vehicle in Canada, based on analytics from AutoTrader using Canadian search and sold-by-proxy delist data.

In contrast to the searches for luxury cars, most of the top-sold vehicles were more affordable and practical. The Dodge Ram 1500 and Ford Escape took the second and third spots.

AutoTrader found 90 per cent of the Top 10 vehicles sold in Canada were functional, utility vehicles, like trucks and SUVs, with not a single luxury brand appearing.

“This year, we see vehicle buyers searching aspirationally, but ultimately opting for more practical purchases, which could suggest Canadians are maintaining an optimistic outlook, but prioritizing reliability and utility in a turbulent year,” says Ian MacDonald, chief marketing officer for AutoTrader.

top vehicles canada 2023

Despite concerns about the economy, Canadians, overall, remain positive about their personal financial situation, AutoTrader notes.

Fifty-eight per cent rate their current financial situation positively and 45 per cent believe their personal finances will improve. And AutoTrader marketplace actually saw a five per cent increase in visits this year compared to the same time last year.

While the federal government is aiming to phase-out gas-powered vehicles in favour of electric, Electric Vehicles (EVs) weren’t on many Canadians’ minds this year.

EVs were popular in 2022 after record-high gas prices. But this year’s AutoTrader data suggests  purchase intention has declined.

In 2023, only 56 per cent of car shoppers who do not own an EV, are open to purchasing one for their next vehicle, down from 68 per cent the year prior, according to AutoTrader.

Only one in 10 Canadians owns an EV, and while alternate fuel type interest is 15 per cent higher than last year, EV searches only account for less than three per cent of overall searches on the marketplace.

top vehicles canada 2023

Looking at Ontario data, AutoTrader found trucks are gaining momentum.

The Ford F-150 claimed the top most-searched-for spot in the province, with the Dodge Ram 1500 (number 10) pushing the Honda Accord off the Top 10 this year.

Ontario continues to lean towards luxury, as four of the Top 10 most-searched vehicles featured on this year’s list consist of luxury nameplates. Economical options are limited to the Honda Civic (down two spots to 3 from 1), following the loss of the Honda Accord.

For more information, see the full post on AutoTrader here.

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