Here are some of the funniest rejected Ontario licence plates of 2023


Published January 10, 2024 at 2:56 pm

rejected ontario licence plates
The OPP confiscated this vanity licence plate in 2019. The list of rejected plates for 2023 includes similar letter combinations. Photo: OPP

The list of rejected Ontario personalized licence plates for 2023 is now out and it is clear why you won’t see most of them on the road.

Each year, ServiceOntario gets hundreds of requests for personalized licence plates but many have to be rejected.

Anyone can order a personalized licence plate online for their vehicle, starting at $310, through ServiceOntario.

But each year, people apply for offensive, vulgar and other questionable letter and number combinations.

The Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery, responsible for ServiceOntario, has now released a 56-page list of rejected personalized plates for 2023. The ministry notes that some plates could be reviewed and approved at a later date.

Under the Abusive, Obscene Language and Derogatory Slang heading some of the expected ASSSMANN or AS5SMAN are there.

DEAD2ME, FUKMEAN and KISMYGAS show a bit more creativity. And the mature drivers out there are looking for a SUCIT, GOSUCKIT, YOU.UGLY or MY.ASSHO type of plates.

The more toilet humour plates come under the “Sexual Meaning and Eliminatory Functions” category. Here we have: GAS.PASS, PASSDGAS and MR.KRABS.

Perhaps the person who ordered GOT2POOP or GOTTAPOO was the Brampton driver using an urgent bathroom break as an excuse to get out of a speeding ticket recently.

And perhaps SHRNKGE pays homage to the classic Seinfeld episode.

Under clarity and readability, dozens of nonsensical combinations just hurt the eyes. Some examples include 0888880, 1lT1l1T1 or 1l10O1O. There are quite a few with different variations using the number 8.

Some drug dealers may have been disappointed when these plates were turned down: DIMEBAG, HIGHSIDE, and DOPE.BOY.

Not sure why someone would want WINEWAGN plates, unless they are working for a winery perhaps?

Under religion, there are some people who want to show their love for satanism with at least 25 variations including DEMON.X1, DEAD666, DEV1LL and SATAN666.

Sadly, under the category of Human Rights Discrimination, there are many offensive and not-so-funny plates. There were several variations of ARYAN, HATEU and other nods to Nazis.

Personalized licence plate applications will not be accepted if the combination of letters/numbers selected has already been issued.

Here are some of the other reasons why plates are rejected:

  • Sexual references
  • Abusive, obscene language and derogatory slang
  • Religion
  • Drugs/alcohol
  • Political figures, dignitaries/law enforcement officials
  • Violence/criminal activity
  • Human rights discrimination
  • Clarity (interchangeable letters/numbers are not allowed) and readability for law enforcement officials
  • Any combination of graphics and characters that together could be determined to be objectionable under the above criteria or violate the contract with a graphic partner
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