Health violations shut down a Caribbean restaurant in a Brampton mall

Published December 10, 2022 at 11:49 am

closure due to health inspection

A restaurant inside Brampton’s Bramalea City Centre has been forced to close after failing a recent health inspection.

Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant, located on the second floor of the mall, shut down after failing an inspection on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

According to the inspection report, the restaurant did not properly store food to prevent contamination and/or adulteration, and did not take adequate measures to prevent the harbourage or breeding of pests, posing serious health risks.

The restaurant also reportedly did not properly wash and sanitize utensils, among other offences.

The full report says the restaurant was not in compliance with the following safety measures:

  • Keep potentially hazardous food out of the temperature danger zone, and provide adequately sized refrigeration and/or hot-holding equipment/space for the safe storage of such food (Critical Risk)
  • Provide and use accurate and easy-to-read thermometers
  • Store food to prevent contamination and/or adulteration (Significant Risk)
  • Provide the required supplies at each handwashing station
  • Provide a test reagent to determine the concentration of sanitizer
  • Properly wash and sanitize utensils
  • Maintain the mechanical ventilation system to remove odours, fumes, vapours, smoke and excessive heat
  • Protect the premises against the entry of pests and maintain records of all pest control measures
  • Take adequate measures to maintain food premises in a condition that prevent harbourage or breeding of pests (Critical Risk)
  • Use good housekeeping practices
  • Maintain and operate food premises free from any condition that is a health hazard

The restaurant remains closed as Dec. 10.

It may reopen in the future after passing a follow-up health inspection.

Bramalea City Centre is located at 25 Peel Centre Dr.

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