Health Canada issues warning after reports of ceiling fan flying apart and injuring people


A type of ceiling fan purchased by more than 5,000 Canadians is being recalled because the blades may fly off when spinning.

Health Canada has issued a warning and declared the recall for the Hampton Bay Mara 54-inch ceiling fan due to its potential for causing injury.

The fan was sold through Home Depot and manufactured by a China-based company called King of Fans. It comes in either black or white and is sold for $150.

According to Health Canada, as of December 23, the company had received 47 reports of the blades coming apart while in use and although there have been no incidents reported in Canada, in the US two people have complained of injuries and four others say the blades caused property damage. In the US, almost 85,000 of the fans were sold between May and October of this year.

“Mara Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan may detach due to an isolated manufacturing defect with the assembly of the fan blade’s locking clip to the fan flywheel, where one of the two screws retaining the locking clip is not adequately secured to the flywheel,” said the company in a released statement.

Health Canada says consumers should immediately stop using the fan and contact King of Fans for instructions on how to inspect the ceiling fan for defects. If an issue is identified, King of Fans will offer a replacement or refund.

For more information, consumers can contact King of Fans Inc. at 1-866-443-1291 or visit the company’s website.

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