Health Canada Investigating Burns on Babies Allegedly from Sunscreen


Health Canada is currently investigating two cases of second-degree burns on babies' faces from a sunscreen brand in Canada.

Banana Boat sunscreen is under fire for two babies who have had adverse reactions to their products.

Caroline Morneau from Quebec posted on Facebook last week that her nine-month-old, Loic's, face had blistered after being in the sun for 30 minutes. Morneau assumed he had a sun allergy, and so she took him to the doctor.

At the doctor's office, Morneau was advised that her son had a second degree burn allegedly from Banana Boat Baby SPF60 sunscreen.

Morneau encouraged parents to invest more in higher quality products for their children.

This is the tenth report to ever allegedly involve an adverse reaction to Banana Boat products.

"Four of the reports were for Banana Boat products for kids and three were for Banana Boat Baby. The other two reports were for adult products. Two of the reports for Banana Boat products for kids on May 12 and 15, 2017, and one of the reports for Banana Boat Baby, involved burn-related reactions," said Health Canada's Media Relations Officer, Renelle Briand.

Earlier this month, another child was reported to have blisters and burns from Banana Boat products.

According to a report by the CBC, Rebecca Cannon from Newfoundland also said on Facebook that her 14-month-old, Kyla, got blisters after wearing Banana Boat Kids SPF50 in the aerosol can.

Health Canada has stated that they are aware of Kyla's blisters as part of their investigation. 

"Health Canada contacted the company, Edgewell Personal Care Canada, and is actively following-up on this case," said Briand.

According to the CBC, Banana Boat Sun Care Canada has suggested that a bad skin reaction to their products might be caused by a sensitivity to an ingredient in the sunscreen triggered by sun exposure.

These recent burn cases are currently under investigation by Health Canada and Banana Boat.

For now, consumers in Mississauga may want to be wary of Banana Boat sunscreen for babies or children. 

Cover photo courtesy of Morneau’s Facebook post

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