Have you heard about the bird? Hamilton has an official one

Published July 14, 2023 at 8:59 pm

Hamilton has a new mascot…the peregrine falcon.

City councillors voted today to make the falcon the official bird of Hamilton, almost a year after residents chose it in a pull conducted by Bird Friendly Hamilton Burlington.

The decision was somewhat of an easy one as the peregrine falcon has been the “unofficial” bird of the city for several years after a long history of nesting at a downtown hotel, a tradition that has captured the attention of Hamiltonians for years.

While some councillors favoured other birds — the sparrow and red tail hawk were others under consideration — the peregrine falcon was selected because of its resiliency by bouncing back from near extinction and toughness by enduring in often unfriendly conditions.

Mostly, however, Hamilton residents have had a soft spot for the bird by watching it for 30 years as it returns to nest at the Sheraton Hotel.

“They’re fierce but their little babies are cute when they hatch,” noted one fan on social media. “

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