Haunted Houses in Mississauga – Part 2

Published October 15, 2015 at 3:41 am


If you searching for more stories from the “other side”, here are a handful of other sites in Mississauga that might engage and inspire you.

The are many tales revolving around these historic places and we invite you to check out “Haunted Mississauga” the book by Terry Boyle, and explore our city’s many stories. 

Gairloch, Bell-Gardiner Estate, now Harding House

Located at 2700 Lakeshore Road West was a house also known as “Fusion. According to examiner.com the mansion along with a coach house and the farmhouse sat on 60 acres. At the farmhouse it was discovered that a spirit from that site paid regular visits to Fusion, as she did while alive. Inside Fusion, the paranormal team uncovered several ghosts including a woman singing, a small child giggling, a woman calling for Henry and Captain, and a man calling a boy named Danny. (“Danny Boy, get back!”) The man who called out for the boy turned out to be an angry spirit who kept demanding that the team, “Get out!”

Gairloch, Bell-Gardiner Estate, now Harding House, built c1938

Harding House, Holcim Waterfront Estate, 2013 

Lotten, the Cawthra Estate, c1960

 Located at 1399 Cawthra Road is the Cawthra Estate. According to the “The Toronto and Ontario Ghost and Haunting Research Society” some past staffers of the Cawthra Estate say this house is haunted, mainly the top floor. According to The Searcher Group -Paranormal Research and Investigations in Ontario they found a very dedicated servant to Mrs. Cawthra remained tending the building and remained in quiet times in the attic apartment. She can be seen at times looking out the quarter moon window towards Cawthra Road. You can read more about it here>

Lotten, the Cawthra Estate, c1960

Lotten, the Cawthra Estate, 2010

Adamson Estate

Adamson Estate, located at 850 Enola Avenue, is a 13.33 acre waterfront park with public gardens and a private but stunning main house. It was originally the summer property of the Cawthra family and was built in 1919. According to The Searcher Group -Paranormal Research and Investigations in Ontario a grounds keeper who pined over another servant who worked in the main estate committed suicide when the feeling were not reciprocated hanging himself in the drive through of the coach house, he is believed to still wonder the grounds.

Benares House

Benares Historic House, located at 1507 Clarkson Rd. N. This classic historical property that’s been around for over 160 years. According to The Searcher Group -Paranormal Research and Investigations in Ontario Benares House is extremely unique, where as this now museum is filled with the possessions of the original family. This is a perfect setting for the family spirits as it seems that time never move on. If you stand outside and place an ear to the front door it will sometimes hear what sounds to be a party going on in the parlor, when no one (living that is) is inside. The atmosphere is friendly.

The Grange, Robinson-Adamson House

The Grange, Robinson-Adamson House, c1890

The Grange, Robinson-Adamson House, 2011

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