Happy-go-lucky Milton man gets his ‘hopes’ up after week one of Big Brother Canada


Published March 20, 2023 at 1:18 pm

Milton man Hope Agbolosoo looks like he can't believe his luck in getting selected for the 11th season of Big Brother Canada. He has been a hugely positive presence in the house so far. (Screenshot: Global TV)

If personality equals points, Milton man Hope Agbolosoo is running up one heck of a score on Big Brother Canada after the first week.

The 23-year-old skills coach is quite literally the life of the party, singing, dancing and basically just being the most positive presence on the TV show so far.

As such, he was miles away from landing on the Week One Eviction Couch as he charmed the folks in the house.

His pre-game bio had already suggesting he was pretty easy-going, noting, “It’s always good vibes when Hope steps into a room. His megawatt smile and captivating energy will draw the houseguests in without a doubt. He’s calm, cool and collected when he needs to be, but when it’s show time, he plans to turn into a comp beast.”

Agbolosoo is far from a schemer – a common role on this TV show – happily chatting up the men and women equally. In a show that often pits the genders against each other, he seems happy to float down the middle with both.

He also showed he can be the bratty brother in a very playful and hilarious way. At one point, contestants got handcuffed to each other. Renee Mior, a 24-year-old law student from Vaughan, was the one who got shackled to Agbolosoo, who proceeded to drive her crazy by letting little farts fly.

His good nature could carry him far in this game. While he’s definitely a physical threat for competitions, when you’re trapped in a house for 10 weeks with strangers, contestant tend to lean towards the one who make them smile. That’s Agbolosoo in a nutshell.

This season, the episodes air on Tuesday (7 pm), Wednesday (9 pm), and Thursday (7 pm) on Global-TV.

She’s smiling here but Vaughan’s Renee Mior was driven crazy after being handcuffed to Milton’s Hope Agbolosoo, who drove her crazy by letting little farts fly on a recent Big Brother Canada epsiode.

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