Hamilton’s Eggsellent new eatery is finally open for business & it’s serving the city’s forgotten


Published March 16, 2023 at 11:42 am

eggsellent hamilton dofasco steel breakfast north hamilton
As Hamilton solidifies itself as a trendy culinary hot spot, Eggsellent is tapping into the city's hungriest, largely forgotten demographic. (Eggsellent Instagram photo)

You can learn a lot about a neighbourhood based off of its dining options.

Locke Street has become a haven for young, progressive-minded families who prefer a vibrant indy feel to their eateries with dietarily-inclusive menus. On James Street, you’ll mostly find small, dimly lit, brick-exposed, cocktail-heavy restaurants and cafes that appeal to the neighbourhood’s edgy art scene. If you’re driving through the Meadowlands, you’d be hard-pressed to find a non-chain establishment. Fitting, considering the suburban nuclear family feel of Ancaster, which lends itself to consistency, familiarity, and established brands.

Hamilton’s newest food spot isn’t located in any of those neighbourhoods. Instead, Eggsellent set up shop at the corner of Beach Rd. and Stapleton Dr.

Being steps from the city’s industrial sectors wouldn’t exactly be considered trendy, but that’s kind of the point.

“We love the city’s factory workers, and there aren’t many breakfast options within a manageable distance,” says manager Jesse Young.

eggsellent hamilton dofasco steel breakfast north hamilton

Eggsellent knows where its toast will be buttered: by hundreds of neighbourhood residents and 10,000 or so factory employees. The latter of which, once synonymous with Steel City, has become Hamilton’s forgotten demographic due to decades of mass layoffs and a gentrified cultural shift.

Eggsellent, owned by R&R Foods, is open seven days a week, and starting soon, the hours will shift to 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If those hours seem oddly specific, it’s because they are.

“We wanted to cater our hours so that we’re accessible to the morning and afternoon shift workers,” Young explains. “The workers don’t have to go out of their way to get a quality breakfast. We will even walk up to the factory gates and deliver food to them if they call ahead.”

“And they’re not getting frozen burgers when they come to see us. They’re getting handmaid patties and home-cooked meals.”

eggsellent hamilton dofasco steel breakfast north hamilton

Eggsellent’s menu resembles that of a classic, hearty, homestyle kitchen. All of the classic breakfast items are there; like eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, pancakes, and french toast. But there are also burgers, fries, and pretzel bun cheesesteaks on the menu.

Eggsellent has been a labour of love for the last few years. The restaurant signage has been in place for a while, but challenges related to COVID-19 and building permits delayed its launch. Management also wanted to make sure it had quality, well-trained staff in place before opening its doors.

Finally, after a soft launch last week, Eggsellent is officially open for business.

And it’s already welcoming regulars.

“It’s funny, since opening, our restaurant has been full with largely the same customers each morning,” adds Young. “We just opened, and we’ve already established a loyal customer base.”

“It helps that we’re located right off the highway.”

eggsellent hamilton dofasco steel breakfast north hamilton

The early reviews are in, and it appears Eggsellent has already found its niche, nestled comfortably on the corner — and in the heart — of Hamilton’s blue-collar engine.

For the latest, check out Eggsellent on Instagram.

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