Hamilton water park in hot water for publicly weighing guests

Published July 22, 2022 at 9:13 pm

Wild Waterworks, a Hamilton park featuring slides and pools, is in some hot water over a policy of weighing customers before they can hop on a ride.

Reports came in throughout the week of angry customers refusing to be weighed and the resulting long line-ups as park staff dealt with the disputes.

The weighing policy — which has been in place for several years — is conducted at the park because of size limits. You have to be under 300 lbs. to go on body slides and under 400 lbs for tube slides.

One customer who refused to be weighed said she has an eating disorder and felt the process was demeaning.

Others chimed in on social media saying the process is “offensive” for some and inefficient for everyone else as they are forced to wait for the weigh-in. Some questioned how secure the rides are if weight was a factor.

Park officials say the procedure is necessary for safety reasons and are similar to height restrictions that other theme parks impose on some customers for certain rides. They said they try to keep the process as discreet as possible and only the customer and a park staff member know the result.

Still, many weren’t buying the explanation saying it would be obvious to all those in line if a person is turned away for being over the weight limit.

Because of the backlash park officials said they will review the policy moving forward.




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