Hamilton mourns death of one of Sheraton’s resident falcons


Published January 24, 2022 at 9:20 am

Lily, a Peregrine falcon who nested atop Hamilton's Sheraton Hotel for the past several years, has died. (The Hamilton Community Peregrine Falcon Project)

Hamilton’s falcon enthusiasts are mourning the loss of one of the city’s most well-known residents.

On Sunday (Jan. 23), members of The Hamilton Community Peregrine Project announced that Lily, the female falcon who has nested atop the Sheraton in downtown Hamilton for the past several years, has died.

According to a post on the project’s website, Lily was rescued early Sunday from a location on the ground near the corner of Bay Street and York Boulevard. When she was found, she was believed to be suffering from hypothermia and was possibly injured in some sort of collision.

She was taken in for treatment by the Owl Foundation but despite their efforts, Lily passed away early Sunday evening.

This would have been Lily’s seventh nesting season at Sheraton.

Lily last hatched a pair of chicks in 2020, with her then-partner, Ossie. Ossie was replaced in the spring of 2021 following a territorial dispute with a young peregrine, Judson, who fledged from Buffalo but whose lineage can be traced back to Hamilton.

While the news of Lily’s passing has saddened many who watch the Sheraton’s rooftop with much anticipation each spring, there is still some hope for 2022.

According to the Peregrine Project, two adult peregrines were pictured Sunday afternoon on the Sheraton Hamilton nest ledge.

“We don’t know if this implies that some of Lily’s injuries were from a territorial battle, or if this new bird is just seizing the obvious opportunity to move in on a nesting territory with only one adult present,” the website said.

“Judson appeared a little bit upset, but did not try to drive off the newcomer.”

Time will tell if the newcomer will be a good fit for Judson and the Sheraton nest.

To keep an eye on Hamilton’s falcons, visit The Hamilton Community Peregrine Project’s website.

Rest in peace, Lily.

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