Guess What Year These Photos Were Taken?


Let’s see how much of a Mississauga history buff you are. Try to guess when these photos were taken. 

A - Malton Airport Site


B - Port Credit Harbour


C - Small Arms Factory, Lakeview


D - Streetsville Train Station


E - Texaco Refinery, Port Credit

F - Port Credit Harbour Project. Note the old Bee Hive Golden Corn Syrup plant in the foreground.


G - HWY 10 and Dundas (Click to enlarge)


 - Malton Airport Site, 1950s
B - Port Credit Harbour, 1949
C - Small Arms Factory, Lakeview, c1952
D - Streetsville Train Station, c1920
E - Texaco Refinery, Port Credit, looking east, c1950
F - Port Credit Harbour Project, 1972
G - HWY 10 and Dundas area 1961



All images are courtesy of Heritage Mississauga.


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