GTHA Mayors calling on Province to make masks mandatory


The Mayors and Chairs of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area met virtually on Monday to discuss safety measures now that the majority of the province has entered Stage 2 of the Economic Recovery Plan.

During the meeting, those in attendance voted unanimously to urge the Province to implement a mandate for residents of large municipalities to wear masks in indoor public settings.

Additionally, such a mandate would be only for indoor settings and would need to have exceptions for those unable to wear a mask for age or health reasons.

"We are at a critical time in the fight against COVID-19. We must do everything we can to avoid flare-ups of the virus in our communities," GTHA leaders said in a news release.

"The Mayors and Chairs urged the Province to continue to take a measured approach to moving to Stage 3 of the reopening consistent with the evidence and the advice of Medical Officers of Health. They further encourage the Province to embrace a regional approach to these decisions to take account of differing circumstances," the release said.

Further, the Mayors and Chairs are calling on the federal and provincial governments to provide financial support for the GTHA municipalities for increased costs and lost revenues due to the pandemic.

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