Grunt Your Way Back Into Shape


There's a new player in town, called Grunt Performance, where you can grunt your way back into shape.

Grunt Performance opened their doors this month and starting in February, the doors will be open 24/7 and you will be able to work out at any time of the day or night, with or without a trainer. Whatever your goal may be, they've got it all, not to mention some of the best equipment money can buy, as stated by Owner and Operator, Karl Wright.

The Grunt Performance seed was planted approximately a year and a half ago by three police officers (Karl Wright, Sean Custodio and Wayne Wright) who had a vision of creating Ontario's first NCAA/Divisional One-style facility which caters to both athletes and the average person. It has resulted in Ontario's first NCAA/Divisional One-style training facility right here in Mississauga.

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is an organization located in the USA responsible for creating athletic programs for many colleges and universities, known specifically for having the best athletic facilities around.

The Grunt Performance team offers various training programs such as MMA conditioning, and sports specific training, but their major focus is on Training for Warriors.

The Training For Warriors program is a physical program designed to enhance ones physical and mental strength. The program was developed by Martin Rooney, a fitness expert, author, and business leader, over a decade ago and is used by many top athletes (UFC, Olympic, NFL, NBA, MLB). Wright states that currently, there are only four people in Canada who are Training for Warriors certified, which means that 50% of them are located at Grunt Performance.

As a petite female, the equipment looks quite intimidating. I asked the guys how someone like me, an average person, a petite female, can benefit from attending this facility.

As stated by Wright, "The reason why it looks intimidating is because it's the best equipment money can buy, it's built to last."

He also indicates that they have good coaches, including two female coaches who specialize in working with females since females tend to gravitate more towards female coaches for comfortability. So, if women have specific goals and want to do different types of workouts, Grunt Performance can definitely accommodate their needs.

Wright indicates that fitness is for everybody and they offer different coaches that are able to help different people with varying skill levels.

Grunt Performance boasts a 15-foot wide, 30 yard-length turf (as seen above) which is an ideal surface to train on. It absorbs the impact for various types of training which is especially helpful in preventing injuries. They use Legend Fitness equipment, built by a company that is based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, and is used by many in the NCAA.

According to Custodio, partner and Executive Trainer, they decided on making Mississauga home because it is a central location to Oakville, Brampton and Toronto.

Custodio has been bouncing from commercial gym to commercial gym and knows from experience that there are no other strength and conditioning facilities in Mississauga of this calibre.

In addition to this, Wright states that they also have a registered massage therapist, and chiropractor, so they are able to both rehabilitate and prehabilitate all of their athletes and clients.

Grunt Performance also offers corporate workouts providing corporations the guidance to lead a healthier lifestyle, as well as offering their services to sports teams in Mississauga. All of this can be done both at their facility and with their mobile unit, which will allow them to transport their equipment on-site.

The name Grunt Performance was chosen as "grunt" is a sound which is synonymous to how people train. Sean indicates that when you watch people train with heavy loads, you'll notice that they will grunt or exert some sort of sound to perform the specific task of moving the load whether it be pushing, pulling, pressing. Hence, the name Grunt Performance.

Despite the monstrosity of equipment at Grunt Performance, it seems to be a facility that not only caters to super athletes but to the average person, those who have injuries and for those people who may not be comfortable doing a certain type of traditional exercise, giving people more options.

Name three pieces of equipment that makes your facility unique from others why?    

Reverse Hyper Machine
Wright demonstrates how this piece works the lower back. If you suffer from a lower back injury, this Reverse Hyper machine is good for rehabilitating the lower back. And using this machine before doing main lifts such as squatting, dead lifting or any lower body exercise involving your lower back will help alleviate the tightness in the lower back.

Belt Squat Machine

Custodio demonstrates the Belt Squat machine which is an especially great piece of equipment for those who have shoulder, rotator cuff or upper back injuries. This is a perfect rehab machine and also another way to do a squat when you can't place a bar on your shoulders or upper back.

Glute Ham Raise Machine
Custodio demonstrates the Glute Ham Raise machine which works the calves, hamstrings and lower back. It helps build the strength in those areas and prepare someone for main lifts such as squats or dead lifts. It also improves flexibility by stretching these muscles.

Grunt - Strength & Conditioning Gym
1030 Kamato Rd 
(905) 299-7998

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