Green light given to new all-way stop in busy Mississauga neighbourhood


Published February 8, 2023 at 2:10 pm

Aerial view shows the location where a new all-way stop will be installed at Stavebank Rd. and Pinetree Way. (Photo: Google Maps)

Mississauga councillors have decided to install an all-way stop at a busy neighbourhood intersection in the south end of the city even though a staff report concludes one isn’t needed.

Councillors decided unanimously at today’s (Feb. 8) meeting of general committee to reverse course on a recommendation from City of Mississauga transportation and works staff that the additional traffic control measure was not warranted at the three-way intersection of Stavebank Rd. and Pinetree Way in the Mineola area of the city.

Currently, according to City staff, the intersection “operates as a three-leg intersection with stop control (stop sign) on Pinetree Way.”

Councillors’ decision came after hearing from area resident Martin McGrath, who appeared in Council Chambers to push for an all-way stop at the intersection.

McGrath noted there are a number of young children in the area who would be much safer with the additional traffic control measure in place.

He also pointed to a recently-damaged guardrail at the intersection as evidence that a car taking the rounded turn too quickly was not able to safely navigate the intersection.

Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko, who represents the area, tabled a re-worked recommendation that the all-way stop be approved despite the conclusion of the staff report.

The new motion is expected to receive formal approval at the next meeting of council.

A Jan. 20 report from transportation and works commissioner Geoff Wright recommended the all-way stop not be implemented based on several criteria that would warrant one not being met.

Factors including volume of traffic and number of collisions at the intersection did not support an all-way stop, the report noted.

“A review of the collision history at this intersection did not reveal any reported collisions within the past three years. For an all-way stop control to be warranted based on collision frequency, at least five collisions must occur in a 12-month period, provided the collisions are of the type considered correctable by the use of an all-way stop (turning movement, angle collisions, for example),” the report stated.

Results from a survey of area residents conducted last year also did not warrant implementation of an all-way stop, the report showed.

Of 17 surveys that were completed and returned to the City, 10 supported the additional traffic control measure while seven were opposed. Two-thirds support is needed in order to move the traffic calming measure forward.

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