Government launches claims process for employees impacted by Phoenix pay system


The federal government has announced it is continuing to address and rectify issues related to the Phoenix pay system.

In response to the financial impact the system has had on public servants, the Canadian government is launching a claims process which will allow eligible employees—past and current—to request compensation for severe financial costs and lost investment income.

The claims process will assist those who cashed in investments such as RRSPs, missed opportunities to earn interest on savings accounts, or experienced delays in receiving their severance, pension, or pay and were not able to earn interest on those sums.

This process is part of the Phoenix Damages Agreement co-developed with federal public service unions in June 2019, to compensate more than 140,000 employees who worked in organizations that used Phoenix.

“Our public servants deserve to be paid properly for their important work. We are determined to provide fair compensation to employees and former employees who suffered severe financial losses because of issues resulting from the Phoenix pay system,” Jean-Yves Duclos, president of the Treasury Board, said in a news release.

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