Government Injects Even More Money Into Infrastructure in Brampton

Published July 28, 2017 at 6:27 pm

This time, it’s towards clean water and wastewater!

This time, it’s towards clean water and wastewater!

According to a news release from MP for Brampton North Ruby Sahota, two new projects have been approved under the Government of Canada’s Clean Water and Wastewater Fund to receive millions of dollars in funding.

Sahota announced that the government is providing up to 50 per cent of funding for the new projects, which cover rehabilitating Loafer’s lake and stormwater ponds.

The feds are providing up to exactly $1,746,192 to improve stormwater quality at Loafer’s Lake, and restore capacity and function to stormwater management through the pond rehabilitation.

“Investing in water and wastewater treatment infrastructure is essential to maintaining a healthy environment and providing access to clean, reliable drinking water. The Government of Canada is working with provinces, territories and municipalities across the country to support important projects like those in Brampton, which ensure that Canadian communities are healthy and sustainable now and for years to come,” said Sahota.

These projects are considered green infrastructure projects. Green infrastructure projects across Canada are receiving a total of $21.9 billion in funding from the federal government.

Improving this infrastructure has the potential to protect waterways and preserve local ecosystems.

Not to mention, clean, reliable water equals health and safety for Brampton residents.

This investment is part of an agreement between Canada and Ontario for the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund.

In total, the government is investing more than $180 billion over 12 years not only in green infrastructure, but in public transit infrastructure, social infrastructure, trade and transportation routes, and the rural and northern communities across the country.

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