GO Service Halted Following Fatality


Regular service at Erindale GO Station has stopped following a confirmed fatality, Milton Train says. 

The fatality was confirmed to affect all service west of Erindale GO Station.

Emergency crews are now on scene.

Milton Train says the Union Station 16:55 - Milton Go 17:55 will hold until further notice. Shuttle buses have also been deployed to take passengers on trains currently stopped at Cooksville and Dixie to Streetsville to connect with a spare train to Milton. 

Regular service is expected to resume in about two hours. 

We’ll update as the situation goes on.

UPDATE: 9:00 p.m.

Milton Train has advised GO Train passengers that tracks have been released and service past Erindale is up and running again. 

A train departure from Union Station at 21:00 will now make all stops to Milton.

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