Fun Free Ways to Get Active this Summer

Published August 12, 2014 at 12:55 am


It’s not always easy to keep exercise high on your list of priorities in Mississauga. You might have a tight schedule and feel like you barely have enough energy to throw yourself into bed at night. Maybe you don’t feel like you have the money to spend on a gym membership. I get it — spending hundreds of dollars a year to work out is a bummer. Fortunately, you can stay active without breaking the bank.  Living in Canada, it feels like we never see warm weather, so it’s important to take full advantage of it while we can and get outside! 

1 – Fresh Air Fitness at Celebration Square 

Every Wednesday throughout the summer there are free fitness classes at Celebration Square.  The class changes every week and you might get to do yoga, Zumba or boot camp!  This could serve as a great introduction to an activity you’ve been nervous to try (like yoga) and a way to find out  if you love it enough to sign up for a class.  Wear some comfortable clothes, pack a yoga mat and enjoy a workout while breathing fresh air!  Since the classes change every Wednesday, check the schedule to see what you’re in for that week.

2 – Take on some Mississauga Bike Trails 

There are an abundance of beautiful bike trails in Mississauga that you can explore.  Biking is great cardio and an excellent alternative to a car that can save you a few bucks!  Lather on some sunscreen, grab some water and head out for a day on the trails.  Plan out your adventure and make a point to visit trails and parts of the city that you’ve never seen.  Maybe pack a blanket and some healthy snacks and take a picnic break somewhere to rest and take in the beauty of the lakeshore or a river.  It’s easy to forget about the beautiful places that lie within our city when you’re taking the same road to work every day.
Here are some off-road trails in Mississauga

3 – Yoga Classes at the Art of Living Centre 

Art of Living is a foundation that was started in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and is a not-for-profit NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation).  Their programs help people overcome stress, depression and violence.  There are 132 centres worldwide, as well as one in our city.  They offer free yoga classes every Tuesday evening from 6:30-7:45 pm at their centre located at 1510 Drew Road.  You just need to bring a yoga mat, some water and an open mind!  They welcome everyone from beginners to experienced yogis to take part in their weekly classes. 

4 – Free Gym Trials 

If you really want to get in some gym time for free, almost every gym offers a free trial.  Sometimes it’s only a few days and sometimes it’s a whole week!  You can do a trial run of all the gyms in your area and decide which ones are worth investing your hard earned dollars in.  

5 – Go for a walk! 

It sounds so simple, but the average person does not walk enough.  Sure, you’re on your feet all day at work (or even walk to and from work), but walking for the sake of walking is more than just exercise — it’s therapeutic.  A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body, and going for a walk and just focusing on breathing fresh air can help clear your mind, reduce stress and boost energy.  Take a walk along the water at Lakeshore and take in the sights, or find a trail near your home and feel like you’re getting out of the city for an hour. 
Here is a map of all trails in Mississauga>

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