Freezerland Newfoundland store lives on with new owners in Brampton

Published April 24, 2023 at 12:57 pm

From left to right: Brampton’s Freezerland NFLD Inc. has new owners in David Nicholson, Tara Nicholson, Danielle Kelly and Michael Kelly. Photo retrieved from Facebook.

Taking over Ontario’s largest seller of Newfoundland goods was a family affair for a group of east coasters in Brampton serving up delicacies straight from the Rock.

Billed as Ontario’s “largest Newfoundland retail store,” Freezerland NFLD Inc. was put up for sale by previous owners Darrin and Amanda Osmond and Cassie Park earlier this year.

The specialty store located at 8 Strathearn Ave. carries Newfoundland brands like Purity, Fraser Farms and Tunnock’s, along with traditional Newfoundland foods including salt beef, cod tongues, Newfoundland savory, schruncions, and balogna.

The old owners hoped to find a buyer to keep the local institution alive in Brampton, and Freezerland will continue to serve Newfoundland dishes and goods now that it has been taken over by a family of Newfoundlanders in Brampton.

Siblings Michael Kelly and Tara Nicholson are originally from Newfoundland but grew up in Brampton, and have purchased the shop along with partners David Nicholson and Danielle Kelly. They opened the doors as the new owners of Freezerland on April 1.

Freezerland has been a local haunt for Newfoundlanders in Ontario looking for a taste of home, or mainlanders looking to experience some east coast cuisine. The store has also hosted traditional Newfoundland Jig’s Dinners (a traditional salt beef dinner with boiled cabbage, potato, pease pudding, and more), East Coast Kitchen Parties, and has also featured the work of Newfoundland artists.

The new owners are planning a grand reopening celebration in June featuring food and live entertainment. For more information on Freezerland visit

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