Fort Erie tax hike just 0.88% but jumps to 6.9% with region, school board hits


Published February 17, 2023 at 9:56 am

Fort Erie Town Hall.

The good news is Fort Erie passed its 2023 operating budget this week with a tiny 0.88 per cent increase.

The less good news is because the town transferred its transit levy to the region, lightening its municipal load, a more significant increase came right back when Niagara’s and the school board’s portion were mixed in, leaving households facing a 6.9 per cent increase.

Mayor Wayne Redekop said it was a budget that looked ahead to significant infrastructure work around town, making sure that future generations weren’t left saddled with financial burdens.

“Strategic financial planning is extremely important as we continue navigating past the pandemic,” said Redekop. “We are preparing for the next 10 years and beyond to ensure that future generations are not left carrying a tax burden properly payable by current property owners.”

He added the present budget looked ahead to the “challenges of a growing community while appreciating the affordability concerns of our residents. Responsible financial planning has given us a strong foundation and the ability to be flexible with our future needs, projects and initiatives.

In the end, the town said the operating budget of $31.3 million will deliver town services and expand some strategic areas such as industrial land development, heritage, communications and systems.

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