Forests in Mississauga are in good shape, international group tells City


Published April 19, 2023 at 10:29 am

Anthony Urciuoli/ photo

Mississauga has received an international stamp of approval for the way it takes care of its dozens of forests.

City of Mississauga officials say a specific certification just received from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) confirms that the city’s 36 forests and woodlands are being managed sustainably and in a way that will preserve “biological diversity” and benefit the lives of residents and workers for decades to come.

The FSC is an international non-profit organization that supports environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

“Mississauga is a city that values the vital role trees play in our community. The certification showcases our commitment to sustainable forest management and protecting Mississauga’s woodlands,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “The City recognizes the importance of trees for the environment of large urban cities like Mississauga. They provide shade and habitat for wildlife while filtering pollution and controlling flooding.”

To become certified, an organization must meet the international organization’s standard for forest management.

City officials said in a news release that Mississauga’s woodlands were evaluated against 10 principles ranging from maintaining high conservation values to monitoring the environmental and social impacts of forest management.

“This certification assures the local community that our forest management activities are meeting the highest of standards,” said Nadia Paladino, Mississauga’s director of parks, forestry and environment. “Mississauga manages more than 200 hectares of forests, including wetlands, woodlands and natural forests. We are very proud to have received this certification and to be a leader in sustainable forest management in Ontario.”

Along with FSC certification comes a number of benefits for Mississauga, City officials note. They include sharing solutions to help raise the standard of forest management, connecting to a global network of organizations and businesses, and protecting forest ecosystems while helping to fight climate change.

Meanwhile, Mississauga is also currently in the process of creating a Woodland Management Plan to preserve and enhance woodlands and forests across the city.

Already home to some 2.1 million trees, Mississauga will see that number grow dramatically under the One Million Trees Mississauga initiative that seeks to add that many more new trees by 2032.

In the more immediate future, City officials are seeking public input as they further develop the Woodland Management Plan.

As part of that process, officials are asking for residents’ feedback to prioritize management objectives for the three dozen woodlands identified across Mississauga. Objectives include woodland and tree health, recreation, safety, tree biodiversity and wildlife habitat/environmental protection.

Vistit/search Your Say Woodland Management for more information and to participate in feedback opportunities.

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