We already know Mississauga's food scene is something to hype up.Turns out we're not the only ones who think so.One of Sauga’s most popular hangouts has made a very exciting list.
If you've tried to visit a very popular pho restaurant over the past few weeks, you might have been disappointed to find it closed.
A unique restaurant that was one of the first of its kind in Mississauga has seemingly shuttered its doors for good, effectively leaving a void in—at the very least—the off-the-beaten-path breakf
This year has been a very good one in terms of new restaurant openings in Mississauga.
Have you ever had an unstoppable hankering for Portuguese chicken?What about free Portuguese chicken?
Do you have a hankering for pizza but not a ton of dough to throw around?No worries - a really cheap deal on pizza is here to curb your cravings and go easy on your wallet. 
If you've been wondering whether the recent minimum wage hike has played a part in increasing menu prices across the province, the answer is yes - ever so slightly.
When people think of fun foodie events in sophisticated arts facilities, they don't necessarily think of Mississauga—but they should.
It's all just protein in the end, right?Right?Crickets.
A burger joint in south Mississauga has unfortunately closed down.