A popular and long-standing Mississauga restaurant is still closed—but expects to open soon—following the unprecedented ice storm that blew through southern Ontario less than two weeks ago, cover
A restaurant that most Mississauga residents have fond childhood (and even adulthood) memories of is no more.
If you've tried to visit a very popular pho restaurant over the past few weeks, you might have been disappointed to find it closed.
A unique restaurant that was one of the first of its kind in Mississauga has seemingly shuttered its doors for good, effectively leaving a void in—at the very least—the off-the-beaten-path breakf
If you’re a big fan of lower-key nightlife punctuated by trendy (but undeniably tasty) food and a sexy red-hued interior, you might have to find another hotspot.
It hasn't been an easy 2018 for one of the Mississauga's trendiest hotspots, as an unforeseen flooding incident has forced it to shutter its doors the second time in less than a month.
It hasn't been a good few months for Mississauga fitness facilities.
What was shaping up to be a good news story for local music aficionados who love to support Canadian companies has taken a sad turn.
It was over before it even began.
A very popular shawarma joint in Mississauga has reportedly closed down, much to the dismay of diners who regularly frequent the long-standing hotspot when they have a lunchtime shawarma craving to