If you regularly shop at a popular cosmetics store, you might be disappointed to hear that the brand appears to be no more (at least for now) following a bizarre social media post.
Some restaurant closings you just don't see coming.
While Mississauga has a fantastic—and growing restaurant scene—it occasionally loses beloved gems that we never expected to close.
Another one bites the dust.And this closure is definitely unexpected. 
If you were recently attempting to satisfy an overwhelming hankering for dessert in Mississauga's bustling Port Credit neighbourhood, you might have been disappointed.
If you were recently hunting for some frozen yogurt in Square One, you might have noticed that a somewhat new addition to the shopping centre's ever-growing food scene is no longer serving customer
If you’re in the mood for fried chicken, there’s one less place you can visit.At least for now.
A restaurant doesn't have to be around for years and years to make a massive impression on the community—it simply has to be good.
Coffee, tea and gourmet latte lovers who regularly frequent a spacious and longstanding cafe were recently surprised to see the windows papered over and a sign referring them to the brand's other l
A popular and long-standing Mississauga restaurant is still closed—but expects to open soon—following the unprecedented ice storm that blew through southern Ontario less than two weeks ago, cover