If you love McDonald's hamburgers, you'll want to stop by a location in Mississauga on Wednesday to get one for less than a dollar!
If you've been hankering for a vast and extensive Asian night market a little closer to home, you are in luck—the Mississauga Mid-Summer Night Music & Food Festival is going to hit the city th
Food trucks at festivals are great, but food trucks every day might be even better.
You may never have to carry cash, debit, credit, or that pesky TimCard into a Tim Horton’s again, as long as you have your phone.
It looks like Mississauga is getting a new supermarket.A mysterious new supermarket. 
Are you hungry, Mississauga?
What two words sound great together? “Free” and “drinks.” So if you like complimentary beverages, you’re in luck. 
Fans of vegan and gluten-free cuisine might be unhappy to hear that Buddha Bowl, a restaurant that only set up shop in Port Credit a little less than a year ago, has seemingly closed its doors for
Another major food festival is coming to Mississauga this weekend!
If you were terrified that Saucy Kytchen, a Mississauga gem long known for its delicious Italian-style sandwiches, was gone for good, fear not—it has simply moved into new digs.