Good news for those with lactose intolerance who love milk.
It’s a taste of Portugal right here in Oakville.
Many people have taken proactive steps to reduce their carbon footprint, but what about their pets?
You may have had charcuterie, but have you ever had Tac-cuterie?Taco Bell has announced it's giving Canadians an opportunity to win a Tac-cuterie board for their next family taco night.
A national foodservice advocacy group is calling on the Ontario government to, among other requests, help bars and restaurants recoup some of the lost revenue due to COVID-19 health and safety rest
In response to the soaring popularity of hard seltzers, such as White Claw and Cottage Springs, Bud Light has decided to throw their hat in the ring.
Those who already love this Hamilton resto will be pleased to hear that it’s opening a brand new location elsewhere in the city.
It’s a sad day for fans of this beloved Streetsville restaurant in Mississauga.
When it comes to unqiuely delicious food pairings, chicken and waffles is an absolute must-try — especially now that a popular Toronto restaurant is serving them here in Mississauga.
Do you love the smell of Kraft Dinner?Canada's favourite comfort food has announced it's launching a new Essential Oil diffuser that smells like a fresh pot of KD.