The most tech-savvy building in Canada is coming to Mississauga

Published May 3, 2021 at 2:29 pm


If you’ve been keeping up with Mississauga’s ever-vibrant condo development scene, then you’re no doubt familiar with M City Condominiums, the hotly anticipated master-planned community currently taking shape in the Burnhamthorpe and Confederation Parkway area of downtown Mississauga.

The groundbreaking $2.5 billion condominium community is designed to bring work, transit, shopping and people together with its spectacular buildings, green spaces, and superlative amenities. When complete, M City Condos will boast a size of 4.3 million square feet, 6,000 residential units, a range of retail and commercial office space, and a total of eight iconic buildings — including the four tallest towers in Mississauga.

Whether it’s M1 and M2, which launched in Fall 2017, or M3, which launched in Fall 2018, every M City tower is iconic in its own way. Recently, Rogers Real Estate Development and Urban Capital announced the launch of M4, the fourth and latest tower.

What you might not know is just how technologically advanced M4 is shaping up to be. Rogers Real Estate Development and Urban Capital are going all out with a multitude of high-tech features that guarantee M4 will be one of the most tech-savvy buildings not just in Mississauga but in the entire country, and a key player in the future of smart living.

“Everything about M City is inspired by our belief in Mississauga and the desire to deliver a world-class community to the city,” said John Anderton, Vice President, Treasurer, Rogers Communications Inc.

“We are investing heavily in technology and broadcasting loud and clear what the future of residential living is going to look like in Mississauga and across Canada.”

You have to see some of these features to believe them! The high-tech aspects of M4 will all contribute to making day-to-day life more secure, efficient, and most of all, more convenient.

Here are five ways M4 will be one of the city’s most technologically advanced places to live:

1. A smartphone-centric living experience that puts sheer convenience at each resident’s fingertips.

Have you ever marveled at how many things have become easier thanks to the convenience of smartphones? It’s that same level of convenience that M4 is aiming to bring to residents’ everyday living experience through the Rogers Smart CommunityTM ecosystem, powered through the 1VALET app. The app will allow residents to control an array of features both in their suite and throughout the building, including:

  • Thermostat integration: Every suite will come with an integrated smart thermostat that can be controlled remotely. Residents can also create custom heating and air conditioning schedules for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Digital keys: Never worry about losing your keys again. Residents can use their smartphone as an all-access pass to their own suite and all of the building’s amenities. This feature also allows residents to send guest passes through a one-time SMS digital code, which will allow them access the building and the amenities in real time. Digital key cards provide residents easy access throughout the entire building, allowing for contactless entry (especially useful for situations like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic).
  • Smart lock: Every suite comes standard with an integrated smart lock, allowing for total access control directly from the resident’s phone.

2. Future-proof infrastructure and community-wide 5G and WiFi coverage.

Internet access is an essential part of our everyday lives, and M City understands the importance of giving its residents access to state-of-the-art, reliable connectivity.

The advanced Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is 5G ready and distributes the Rogers wireless network throughout the building to ensure a consistent cellular connection in even the harder-to-reach places, like the underground parking garage and elevators.

On top of that, each suite offers Rogers Ignite InternetTM with pure fibre — the fastest internet technology — so you can take advantage of reliable gigabit speeds to effortlessly connect all your latest devices. Powerful, secure WiFi personalized to your needs will deliver a consistent connection that’s perfect for binging the latest shows, video calls or virtual meetings, online gaming, music streaming, smart appliances, and so much more.

3. Easy access to the building via facial recognition, and controlled access to who you allow in.

Access throughout the building is easy and seamless, courtesy of the Rogers Smart Community ecosystem through the 1VALET app.

At the entryway to the building, residents and guests will be greeted by a large entry console that offers several ways for people to access the building, including a directory code (guests can find a resident’s name in the directory and call them via video chat), digital lock box (guests who are ordering a service like food delivery can add a unique code to the delivery so the delivery person can access the building), and a unit number that guests simply type in to gain access to the building.

Another feature residents can opt in to is facial recognition, which allows them to enter the building by scanning their face at the entry console. So, if you’re going out for a quick run or just need to grab something from the store, don’t worry about bringing your phone — just scan your face and you’re good to go.

4. Live notifications when a package or delivery arrives.

Expecting a package? When a courier arrives at the building, they simply scan their delivery package on the entry console, which will give them one-time entry into the building and into the parcel room. A live notification is then sent to the resident, letting them know they have a package waiting for them. The result is a smooth and efficient delivery process, whether or not you’re home to receive it.

5. Quick, easy support to manage all of your condo living through one resource.

Another major feature of the Rogers Smart Community through the 1VALET app is the ability to communicate directly with condo management and security, allowing residents to get help whenever they need it and manage all aspects of their condo living through the app. Residents also have a direct link to a support feature where they can send an email or call a live agent to ensure their experience with the app is optimal. The app also has a doc box that allows residents to access condo documents, including everything they need to know about using the 1VALET app as well as important updates from the board.

It’s an exciting time for condo development in Mississauga! Development for M4 and the rest of M City is continuing to make progress, so expect more news soon.

“With M4, we’re raising the stakes, delivering one of most tech-savvy buildings in all of Canada. This is another important step towards realizing the city’s Downtown21 master plan and cementing Mississauga at the forefront of city-building and development,” said Mark Reeve, Partner at Urban Capital Property Group.

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