Five Roommate Listings in Mississauga


Finding housing can be stressful, but luckily there are tons of renters and homeowners looking for people to take bedrooms off their hands for long and short-term leases. While renting a room in a house or apartment might seem daunting, it's a great opportunity to save some money, make a new friend (or two) and live right in the heart of the city. Whether you're in school, starting a new job or just looking for affordable accommodations, there are tons of people looking for a roommate just like you. 

So, without further adieu, here are five roommate listings in Mississauga. 

Room in Hearthside Drive House 

If you're looking for an affordable room in the Square One area, you might want to check out a $500 a month room in this Hearthside Drive home. It appears that the room will contain a bed, a fridge, a microwave and chair. The bathroom will be shared with one other person and a Muslim renter is preferred. 

Room in Malton House 

If you're looking for lodgings in the Malton area, you might be interested in renting a room in this house -- located near Westwood Mall -- for $575 a month. According to the ad, it looks like you'll be renting two rooms -- a bedroom and a dining and living area. The room is located in a semi-detached home and is intended for one person only. It's fully furnished and comes with Wi-Fi and cable. Smoking and overnight visitors are prohibited and South Asian tenants are preferred. 

Room in Burnhamthorpe/Cawthra Home 

If you want to move into an affordable space this August, you can check out this Vintner Drive house. The room costs $550 a month and the perks include high ceilings and furniture. Utilities, including internet, are factored into the rent. The kitchen and washroom are shared with other tenants. The house is relatively close to Square One and there's a separate entrance on the lower level. First and last months rent is required and pets and smoking are prohibited.

Two Bedroom City Centre Condo - $800

This two-bed, two-bath unit is located in City Centre on Burnhamthorpe and is walking distance from Square One. One bedroom in the suite is available for $800 a month starting in August (although it is possible to move in in July). Amenities include a personal washroom, furniture, a walk-in closet, an optional heater and in-suite laundry. All utilities, including internet, are included in the price. This unit has some caveats, however. The renter must be female and pets, parties and boyfriends are prohibited (although the occupant might mean no overnight stays, the listing is unclear as to whether or not male guests are frowned upon entirely). Parking might cost extra. 

Room in Westwood Mall House 

If you're looking for more affordable accommodations, there's a room available in this Wrenwood Crescent home for $375 a month. The house is close to Westwood Mall and all utilities, including internet, are included in the rental price. Rooms in the basement and upper floor are available. There are three bathrooms and the kitchen is shared. 

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