Five Reasons Why Mississauga’s Hub Climbing is Perfect for Kids and Families

Published September 11, 2019 at 3:27 pm


If you’re one of the millions of people who enjoy the exhilarating sport of climbing, then you probably know all about Hub Climbing, which opened earlier this year in the area of Wolfedale and Burnhamthorpe.

However, you might not know that Hub Climbing is one of the best spots for kid-friendly activity in Mississauga, making it a climbing gym that the whole family can enjoy.

Hub Climbing is the GTA’s largest and tallest indoor rock climbing gym, with a massive 30,500 square feet facility boasting everything a climbing aficionado could want and more. While the gym still has ample challenges for experienced and veteran climbers to explore, it was also designed from scratch for kids four and up and newcomers in mind, so it’s a welcoming space for anyone to fall in love with climbing.

So if you’re planning a family activity day or you need a way to get the kids off the couch for some physical activity, look no further! Here are five main reasons why Hub Climbing is perfect for kids and families:

1. Hub Climbing has a dedicated area for beginners who are learning to climb (including a challenge where you never get more than a few feet off the ground).

For anyone new to climbing and anxious about getting into it, worry not – Hub Climbing hears you loud and clear. That’s why the facility has a separate area entirely for beginners to explore. This area features lower heights and climbing walls with more forgiving angles, including a beginner level chimney and beginner level arch. Additionally, this area help climbers get a good grasp on the “rules” of the sport (stick to the colour-coded rocks and don’t touch a different colour!).

2. Hub Climbing’s augmented reality (AR) wall offers fun video game-esque challenges you won’t find anywhere else in the GTA.

Now here’s something you wouldn’t expect to find in a standard climbing gym! The augmented reality wall combines climbing and video gaming with a variety of fun activities and interesting challenges for one or two players. Climb to the target without touching the electricity, whack the bats as they appear on screen, protect Earth from meteors, and more! You can even create your own unique climbing challenge and take on your friend’s challenges.

3. Hub Climbing offers a variety of different activities for all ages to enjoy.

While climbing is naturally the gym’s main feature, it’s far from the only thing Hub Climbing offers. Aside from the previously mentioned AR wall, the gym also offers yoga and includes a fully functional fitness studio. That way, you can ensure the whole family has something to do – if mom and dad don’t feel like climbing, they can tackle their fitness goals while the kids have fun scaling the walls. Or the family can relax with some yoga after a challenging climb. There’s truly something for everyone; after all, even 98 year old Hazel McCallion had a good time at Hub Climbing!

4. Hub Climbing is the perfect spot for birthdays, parties, and other social events.

You could have a standard party at your house or a restaurant, but why not have it in a much more fun and unique environment? Parties held at Hub Climbing lead to extraordinary memories! Pick from multiple party packages and gain access to the big party room, with party times lasting up to two hours (up to 90 minutes of climbing time). You can up the excitement by booking the AR wall exclusively for your private events and birthday parties.

5. Staff support is on hand to help climbers every step (and rock) of the way.

Climbing is supposed to be fun, not anxiety-inducing, which is why Hub Climbing has staff members trained to lend a helping hand at any point in the process. Whether you need climbing-related tips or there’s something else on your mind related to your climbing experience, staff will be there to clear matters up and make sure your trip is all smooth sailing. Hub Climbing prides itself on being accessible to everyone, so don’t hesitate to get help when you need it – staff members are trained to provide families with a memorable experience and help kids gain confidence while climbing!

You can choose from a number of Hub Climbing’s “Intro to Climbing” packages, which include a beginner belay lesson for newcomers to learn how to Top Rope belay and Top Rope climb. Each package also includes unlimited harness, shoe and chalk bag rentals.

Despite the myriad options for new climbers, don’t forget that the gym also has Olympic-style challenges, roped climbs, and speed climbs for experienced climbers looking for a challenge. For everyone else, there’s the huge bouldering area for climbing low walls over safety pads, featuring many different angles to suit your level of climbing expertise.

If you plan to visit Hub Climbing regularly then you might want to look into one of their membership options, which allow you unlimited visits for an extended period of time based on the membership. Members also have access to special offers and discounts!

Planning a family visit? Hub Climbing offers convenient online group booking for families, school groups, work groups and more.

With all these reasons to visit, Hub Climbing remains the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy some indoor activity in Mississauga, or anyone just looking for new things to do in Mississauga (and Ontario) with kids and families.

To get more information on all the gym’s features and prices, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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