Five festive things to do this weekend


Published December 18, 2020 at 7:04 pm


With holiday’s approaching, it can be hard to come up with fun and entertaining things to do but don’t let the pandemic stop you from tapping into your creative side.

Here are five things you can take part in safely.

5) Take up outdoor photography

Grab your smartphone or your camera and go exploring. Now that Christmas lights are all over town, it’s the perfect time to take a stroll or drive through your neighbourhood and look for the most decked-out homes. While you’re at it, start that scrapbook you’ve been putting off. Bundle up and head outside to capture those dreamy shots while listening to a cute holiday playlist.

4) Build a fort in your living room.

Tired of binging Netflix on your couch? Take things up a notch by re-living your childhood and create a fort in your living room. Grab every pillow and blanket in your house and get to work to create the ultimate cosy experience at home. Don’t forget the hot chocolate and sugar cookies.

3) Digitalize old family photos and then share with family members outside your own household

Do you have any old pictures lying around in albums that haven’t been touched in years? Digitalize them by scanning them and sending them over to your friends and family to remind them of the fun memories you once shared and make plans to recreate them in the future.

2) Virtual Christmas crafts

Head over to YouTube and find a few fun Christmas crafts to do with your family. You can easily find a ton of DIY Christmas crafts made with items from the dollar store or even from around the house. While you’re at it, look for delicious holiday treats that are sure to put you in the mood.

1)Host a virtual gingerbread making contest

Tell your friends to buy a gingerbread kit and build them together but make it virtual. This is a fun and creative way to partake in one iconic Christmas activity with your friends and family in a safe way.

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