Federal government moves closer to declaring Proud Boys as terrorists


Published January 26, 2021 at 5:11 pm


A right-wing group that was formed in Canada to promote white supremacy is inching closer to being declared a terrorist organization.

Members of Canada’s parliament unanimously passed a motion yesterday (Jan. 25) calling on the federal government to designate the Proud Boys as terrorists, which if approved, would allow for tougher sanctions on their activates and open them up to criminal charges.

The motion was introduced by NDP leader Jagmeet Singh who asked the government to use all available resources “to address the proliferation of white supremacists and hate groups starting with immediately designating the Proud Boys as a terrorist entity.”

The Proud Boys have been operating since 2016 attending rallies throughout North America to promote their cause. Members believe men and Western culture are under siege and vow to take back what they believe they rightfully deserve. Many of their events have led to violence.

The group has come under more scrutiny recently because of their participation in the riot that took place at the US Capitol in Washington.

Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair has already hinted the government is headed in the direction of labeling the group as terrorists saying their activities are being monitored to gather the evidence required to support the designation.

If the government takes the step of declaring the Proud Boys as terrorists, it would join a list that already includes the Taliban, Hizballah, Islamic State, Al Qaida and Boko Haram.

While political leaders in Canada have been focusing on the alt-right Proud Boys, in the US former President Donald Trump had been calling for similar sanctions against left-wing group Antifa, blaming that organization for promoting violence during last summer’s demonstrations in several American cities.

(Photo from The Canadian Press)

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