Federal government committed to helping homeless and at-risk veterans


According to a recent announcement, the Federal government has committed to providing funding to help homeless and at-risk veterans.

Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence, announced the government will be providing nearly $400,000 over three years for the Good Shepherd Refuge Social Ministries through the Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund, which will provide financial assistance to homeless veterans as well as those at-risk of becoming homeless.

The money will be used to fund public, private, and academic programs and organizations that research, initiatives and projects that encourage or enhance the well-being of the Veteran community.

“Our government’s Veteran and Family Well-being Fund offers organizations like Good Shepherd Ministries the resources they need to foster innovative solutions for very complex problems,” MacAulay said in a news release.

“Thanks to their important work, Veterans and their families can get the support they need—even in the most difficult times. Nobody has all the answers, but by working with all our community partners, we will only do better,” he continued.

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