Fav Spots in Mississauga: Orchard Family Restaurant

Published August 20, 2013 at 12:29 pm


It’s good to know that there are still some restaurants that actually do stay in the family and maintain that old fashioned charm.

For Tom Velianou, manager of the Orchard Family Restaurant, working with family is all part of doing good business. The restaurant was started and owned originally by Velianou’s father and uncle, Angelo and Louis Mazaris.

“My dad and my uncle are the original owners,” said Velianou.

It’s amazing how this simple yet prominent establishment has been in business for 48 years and even has customers who have been regulars for 40 years. Perhaps it’s because of the all day breakfast; the good food, good service, good attitude and homemade cooking keep people coming for more.

The food may look like your average eggs, bacon, sausage and toast but the family also serves character and it shows in their dedication to their customers’ happiness and dining experience.

Some choice favourites on their menu are: Cinny Raisin French Toast combo, Fish and Chips and Spaghetti with Meatballs. And of course they have the usual assortment of drinks like: coffee, apple juice, milk and pretty much anything else you want.

It’s hard to believe that Velianou is managing the place after originally having an economics background. But he found his calling with the people he loves to work with the most-his family. His father and uncle still greet customers to this day and work in the kitchen lending a hand and doing what they love.

The restaurant has been cooking the same way for the last 48 years and has not disappointed since. I mean sure there are probably some dissatisfied customers who are self made food critics but their opinions aren’t strong enough to topple this place. It’s famous for its humble staff, positive attitude and inspiring longevity.

Side note- there have even been rumors that the family bought out the whole plaza, but that’s not true. The family’s goal is to keep making food and memories for another 48 years.

“We want to continue the way we are and work hard and just keep cooking quality food,” said Velianou.

It’s hard to find family owned restaurants that haven’t been taken over by other corporations. Places like this one don’t bother to sell out and feel the need to compete with McDonald’s. Family, food, quality, and good company are all the Orchard Family Restaurant needs and it’s worked so far.

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