Family Day Weekend Weather Smashes Records in Mississauga


If you've been loving the above-seasonal temperatures this weekend, you might be happy (or concerned, naturally) to hear that this February weekend has been one of warmest on record.

According to The Weather Network, temperatures records were "shattered" on Saturday, Feb 18.

In some parts of Ontario, temperatures reached almost 19 degrees (Windsor and Sarnia).

In our neck of the woods, temperatures hit close to 12 degrees.

Although actual Family Day will be a little chillier (a high of four degrees), the week ahead is looking pretty balmy.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we should be back into the low double-digit temperatures before returning to more seasonal (but still above zero) temperatures later in the week.

Although this weather might have disappointed you if you were hoping to indulge in some distinctly wintery activities, a little sun is always a nice treat.

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