Extremely Cheap Movie Ticket Service Now Available in Mississauga


If you go to the movies often, you know that movie tickets can be expensive. Now, a new company has launched a cheaper way to go to the movies, and it's available at Mississauga movie theatres!

Sinemia is a Turkish company that just launched across Canada. It's basically a monthly subscription service where you can pay a fee to watch a certain number of movies per month - and it's way cheaper than buying tickets from the theatre. 

So if you watch two or three movies at the movie theatre per month on average, this could save you a significant amount of money. 

With Sinemia, you can watch two movies per month for just $9.99!

What comes with a monthly subscription?

Here's what Sinemia's website says:

  • Tickets for any theater, any day, any showtime, any movie
  • 2D - 3D - IMAX - 4DX - DBOX - ScreenX
  • Buy tickets in advance from home or at the theater
  • Your card will be sent right away, shipped free
  • Bonus: Invitations to premieres, galas, and special events

Here's a look at the different plans you can purchase:

You can even get Sinemia for two, which will get you two tickets to a movie - one for you and one for a guest. 

Sinemia might have launched quite recently in North America, but it seems to be growing quickly.

"We are interested in building a movie ticket subscription service that will be around for the long haul," said Rifat Oguz, founder of Sinemia, in a recent release.

"We are steadily growing by more than 50 percent each month and are seeing more than 20 million monthly visitors to our site globally. I am confident this success has much to do with our dedication to not only financial savings for our members, but also our ability to give them a high-quality movie theater experience."

Sinemia's main competitor is the cheap movie ticket app MoviePass, but that's only available in the U.S., so Sinemia might have a huge Canadian advantage.

You can learn more about Sinemia and subscribe here.

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