Extra garbage bag tags in Niagara Region get price hike on May 1


Published April 17, 2023 at 2:37 pm

Most in Niagara Region know what a garbage bag tag is. Every household gets two garbage bag or cans picked up bi-weekly.

However, if they have more than two, tags can be bought to put out extra bags or cans. Spring cleaning, Christmas, various holidays always end up being higher volume garbage pick-up.

The Region has just announced that the per bag/can price of $2.50 is going up to $2.85 as of Monday, May 1.

While that 35 cents represents a hike of 14 per cent, the region also said it would honour the $2.50 tag which doesn’t expire. It will simply cease to exist for purchase as of May 1.

That being said, anyone looking to stockpile the $2.50 tags can certainly do so as they will continue to be good in perpetuity.

While the lower price tags are available online with the region for the next 13 days, here’s a handy list of well over 100 stores who sell the tags on behalf of the region and will continue to have the $2.50 tags until April 30. You can find it HERE.


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