Exciting Continuing Education Programs Offered by McMaster University in Mississauga

Published August 15, 2017 at 7:23 pm


If there’s one piece of conventional wisdom that’s undoubtedly true, it’s that it’s never too late to learn–especially at a time when education has never been more valuable or accessible.

People in Mississauga–the sixth largest city in Canada and one that’s rapidly urbanizing and developing—are now able to pursue professional programs offered by McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education. These programs are perfect for busy adult students who want to grow their skills without having to commute to Hamilton.

McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education now offers courses in Business Administration, Accounting, and Human Resources Management in Mississauga. While these programs first came to Mississauga a year ago, now they are being offered in a more central location very close to Square One. Registration is now open for students wanting to begin their studies this fall.

“We’re relocating to a more central part of the city,” says Lorraine Carter, Director of the Centre for Continuing Education at McMaster University. “Our new location is in the heart of Mississauga where there will be a terrific opportunity for people to experience McMaster courses and work towards McMaster certificates and diplomas.”

The new location is the Peel Board Adult Education Centre at 100 Elm Drive West. Minutes from Square One, the location affords excellent transportation options for students to a setting shared with other adult learners. Since Mississauga is growing, Carter believes it’s an ideal location for McMaster programming.

“The Centre for Continuing Education is committed to serving the learning needs of adults from diverse backgrounds, and Mississauga is a place of growth for many Canadians. We believe people in the city are interested in taking McMaster courses locally.”

In order for prospective students to learn about the programs offered in Mississauga, the Centre for Continuing Education is hosting an information evening later this month. The session is an opportunity for people to receive important information, ask questions, and meet staff.

The Information Night will take place on August 23 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga’s downtown core. The Centre is located at 4141 Living Arts Drive. On-site parking is available. Anyone interested can RSVP online.

Formally approved by the University, the programs differ significantly from non-credit programs. In particular, they enable students to earn certificates or diplomas in their chosen fields so they can progress professionally or change careers.

“These programs are for people who need a level of business education, or who want to move ahead,” says Carter. “The programs are also aligned with the requirements of relevant professional associations such as Chartered Professional Accountants and the Human Resources Professionals Association.”

Designed for busy adult learners who want to enhance their skills at times that are convenient for them, the courses provide opportunities for students to be able to delve into their area of interest immediately. McMaster courses are available in the evenings after work, and on weekend mornings in Mississauga.

So far, students have been enjoying their time in the programs.

“Having the HR Diploma behind me now gives me that extra confidence,” says Rita May Graham, who completed the Human Resources Management program through McMaster’s Centre for Continuing Education. “Part of the reason I wanted to continue my education further was I didn’t have a background in human resources. Even though I worked in a learning and development role, I really wanted to understand the principles and basics behind what I was doing at my job.”

While there are many ways for adults to enhance their skills or learn a new subject, there’s something especially motivating about being able to come to a physical space to learn and interact with instructors and peers–especially at a time when online learning is becoming more popular.

“There are still many people for whom face-to-face classroom learning is the preference,” says Carter. “For these students, the chance to come to class is welcome choice. People can get help from instructors and fellow students, while the classroom itself is familiar environment for many students.”

The programs are particularly appealing for adult learners since they provide options in terms of timing and a university experience without requiring students to complete prerequisite courses or programs.

“There are no formal admission requirements,” says Carter. “People who want to start a career in accounting are always welcome, as well as people who are pursuing a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. The programs are completely open. No previous postsecondary education is required.”

The classes–such as those offered as part of the accounting program–appear to be working well for students (especially busy ones).

“I would tell my colleagues, hands down, McMaster Continuing Education is the place for you to get ahead,” says accounting student Tennille Dorrington. “All of the classes I’ve taken, none of them have gone to waste. I’ve taken something from every single one of them that I use on a daily basis. The knowledge you gain here is immediately used in our jobs. Just feeling more confident in what you do: who wouldn’t want that?”

McMaster accounting student Tennille Dorrington

Classes typically run for 12-13 weeks during the fall and winter terms. Depending on different factors, they may also run in the spring-summer period. Shorter certificate programs can usually be completed within a year. Diploma programs take longer to complete. Courses are also available online in all three programs, for students who want to complement their in-person classes in order to complete their programs more quickly.

Centre for Continuing Education instructors are well received by students since they have valuable industry experience and relevant academic credentials.

“All McMaster continuing education instructors have strong academic credentials and industry experience,” says Carter. “This combination is very appealing to people who study with us. We’re excited about being in Mississauga where we believe there are people who will benefit from our courses and programs. We look forward to working with students from Mississauga in September.”

To learn more about the Centre for Continuing Education at McMaster University and to enrol, visit McMasterinMississauga.ca or call 1-800-463-6223.

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