Excessive Rain Damages Part of Mississauga Park


The rain has literally ruined all the things.

Well, at least some of the things.

Last week, we found out that parts of three popular Mississauga parks are currently unsafe due to flooding and excessive water levels brought on by the ridiculous amount of rain we’ve been having.

Today, the City of Mississauga announced that there is “significant damage” to the shoreline at Marina Park.

As of now, public access is restricted and the docks are underwater.  

The news isn’t surprising when considering the fact that the city recently announced that, due to record high water levels, three parks along the waterfront trail now boast areas with restricted public access.

The affected parks include St. Lawrence Park, Marina Park and JJ Plaus Park. Residents should also be aware of two sink holes at JC Saddington Park in the Fisherman’s boardwalk asphalt pathway (public access is closed around the affected areas).

As of now, residents who visit St. Lawrence Park will notice there’s no public access to the lower promenade section of the park. The main Waterfront Trail is still open for public use, however.

At Marina Park, there’s no public access to the gravel parking lot and access is also limited to part of the asphalt parking lot. Charter docks and the public boat launch are also closed.

Park goers should also be aware that, at JJ Plaus Park, there’s no public access to the promenade adjacent to Snug Harbour. The walkway connection below Lakeshore Road between the park and Memorial Park is also closed.

All other areas of the park are open to the public.

There are currently no disruptions or closed off points at the Credit Village Marina or the Lakefront Promenade Marina.

The city is advising residents to continue to exercise extreme caution along the Lake Ontario shoreline and all bodies of water.

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