Excess Rain is Causing Water Safety Concerns in Mississauga


It. Won't. Stop. Raining.

And for that reason (along with the high winds), you should exercise extra vigilance around local waterways and be especially mindful of the dangers if you're near water with children or pets.

The Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) recently reported that higher than normal water levels in Lake Ontario have caused some concern in Toronto and surrounding municipalities. Now, the organization says it's working with affected cities to "monitor and protect infrastructure and maintain public safety in areas impacted along the shoreline."

Although the TRCA said that water level fluctuation is normal and that high levels themselves are not terribly alarming, it added that waves generated by high winds do pose a safety hazard to residents.

Since lake levels are expected to rise, TRCA is asking everyone to exercise caution along lakefront areas while high water levels and winds persist.

TRCA added that flood risks along Lake Ontario occur differently from those along rivers in the GTA.

"Along rivers they are driven primarily by rainfall events," TRCA writes. "With our short watersheds, rivers take only a day or two to return to their baseline levels after each storm. Lake levels, on the other hand, depend on many more factors, and are the result of what is happening in a much larger drainage area over a longer period of time."

As far as river and general waterway flooding goes, Environment Canada released a weather statement for Halton and Peel advising residents of potential flooding in the areas.

"Since the ground is already saturated, there may be potential for some local flooding,
Environment Canada writes. "Rain will spread back into southern Ontario from the southwest Thursday reaching eastern Ontario by Friday morning."

Total rainfall amounts could hit 50 mm in some areas before the rain lessons over the weekend.

Stay safe (and dry), everyone! 

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